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"First Impressions are Lasting Impressions"


As a certified Corporate & International Etiquette Protocol Consultant, I have enjoyed 30 years of teaching our youth about the importance of proper manners.  The Charm curriculums focus on character, positive self-esteem and self-discipline. This is an excellent class I developed to build good manners, relationship skills and to enhance social skills. Children have learned proper introductions and dining skills that will benefit them for a life time.   

                                                 2022 YOUTH PROGRAMS OFFERED


Manners Matter-The three-part program is designed to teach children how to be courteous and respectful and positive self-esteem. Ages 4-11

Graceful Guys & Girls Course- The program is designed to teach confidence, respect and responsibility. The child-friendly, etiquette-filled program is developed to promote social skills and obtain personal leadership skills.  Ages 12-18

Today's Children and Tomorrow's Leaders Course-The program is designed to develop leaders. Students learn that politeness and sensitivity to others are not only the building blocks of good relationships, but also a crucial ingredient of later success in a career. Internships offer to College Prep Student's Program. Ages 16-18

Mentoring Young Adults (MYA) The program is designed to develop future leaders for workforce. Ages 19-23

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30 years of


Youth Etiquette Programs

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